Resisting flowers in freezing air. Late December in a park at the Marie du 14ème.

The Pavillon

Red Dots

This snow is such a visual exitement. I have been out a lot.

The Heartbreaker

Join my new lover of the dogstore. Lately I started to photograph things, which is a new kick.
I'm curious if this will marry with the other photos. Also, an angel might be published here. We'll see.


I see better days.

Des mots silencieux

Zauberhafte Passage du Caire.

La bicyclette am Canal de l’Ourcq

Glücklicherweise finde ich auch den Text vo "La bicyclette" de Yves Montand

Quand on partait de bon matin
Quand on partait sur les chemins
A bicyclette
Nous étions quelques bons copains
Y avait Fernand y avait Firmin
Y avait Francis et Sébastien
Et puis Paulette...

Listen to YouTube - Yves Montand - A bicyclette (Olympia, 1981)