Resisting flowers in freezing air. Late December in a park at the Marie du 14ème.


Nathaniel said...

Yes, we have here a very beautiful miracle, both as an event in nature and as an event in the nature of photography. The appearance of spring flowers, usually reserved for late April and May in the midst of a December day, hours before a snow storm is just too wonderful and courageous to believe. Verena's shot plays with three levels of soft and hard, some photographic and the other natural. The soft background of the cloud patterns, which reminds me of the most background layer in painting by Pollack or Miro softly modulates between white, gray, and blue. In front of this deliciously poignant wash of color we have the crisp winter branches of the flowering tree. And thirdly, in front of that we have the out of focus softness of the foreground blossoms, so tender in the brooding winter light. And just to offer us the most charming of desserts, Verena has included at the bottom a row of delightful chambre de bonne windows all lined up and so optimistically cheery. Thank you Verena for having the good luck to come upon this miracle and to present it so exquisitely.

Verena said...

I'm jumping up and down, Nathaniel... Yes, me too found this windows of chambre de bonne so cheery. Thanks tremendously