All the Cousins

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Nathaniel said...

What a complete surprise emerges on Paris Bird this evening. After a long series of evocative photos of winter light, bare trees, solstice sunsets and the bleak beautiful richly colorful hard edged world of freezing visionary imagery we suddenly arrive at the most feminine of interiors. Is the softness of the wild white flowers produced by the moisture condensed on a window... a warm interior up against the cold cold exterior? Well, this image as usual transforms the art of photography/painting into the unique vision of Verena Baumann. Redon would weep with admiration and envy and the post impressionists sigh with appreciation. Even the presence of the small portrait hanging on the back wall brings to mind so many interiors painted in Paris just before the turn of the last century. And yes, Cezanne suddenly comes to mind also.

In short I have never seen anything like it, a photo this painterly. The smeary lusciousness of the bottom half so filled with multiple greens, and salmons and pinks all topped by the upper area displaying the softest of whites resting luminously on the richest of blacks. And finally the red flower setting off the small painting within this magnificent photo. Congratulations and thank you once again for nurturing our winter hearts with such a poetic and visually gratifying image. What tenderness and joy!