Nathaniel said...

This one is too beautiful to believe. Verena, this series over the last ten entries or so continues day to day on such a high level (and at the same time you are doing excellent drawings on your other blog) that one can only be amazed and grateful. There is so much joy that you are bringing to our eyes.

One's first impression upon seeing Stripes is the gorgeous dialogue between blue and brown in such a lovely dynamic display of shapes and texture. It is only after taking in the pleasure of this dual abstraction for some time that one begins to realize that the blue angel, which is so evocative of the seraphim that offered Saint Francis his stigmata in many early Renaissance paintings, is in deed a decal, of perhaps a coke bottle, offering its blessings to the swirling field of brown below. How beautiful and simultaneously humorous.

Verena said...

Nathaniel, wow that is a lot of nice things! Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment. It is a bottle indeed..