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Nathaniel said...

Isn't it interesting that Interior and Reverie share the same general color spectrum but are so totally different. Here, of course, we have a Verena masterpiece. The gorgeously elegant angles of the blue and salmon borders, the triangle abstraction of the upper left corner of pale pale yellow and soft soft purple, the depth within the dark brown interior with its delicately spiked plants masking the exterior world beyond with a yellow sign and street scene beyond that which echoes the most frontal plane of the photo so full of pale yellow, blue and salmon. All this comes together in a compelling composition that is a heavenly mixture of Juan Gris cubism and contemporary photo realism. Congratulations, Verena, and thank you so much for a photo which has so much time in it... as it slowly reveals all this it has to offer.
January 13, 2010 2:21 PM