Nathaniel said...

Oh hello Verena, This is an important day on the blog for me as the series of photos visible on the blog page now begins with the red berries and soars upward toward today's Angel. The pleasure of both memory and immediate sensation one receives from slowly scrolling through this winter series is astounding. Beauty married to the memory of each day's new discovery can now be relived photo to photo. This present series which started with such highly poetic and visual excellence only continues day by day to grow with surprise and ever increasing satisfaction. I really thought yesterday's Squiggly was the end of the line, but today's Angel leaves me awe struck.

I have little skill to touch on the excellence of this magical and mysterious vision. As usual the colors are so under control and vitally poetic (those dirty pea soup greens melding with the winter twilight sky... oh no, do I see Venus!), the heart break of the winter trees and the last moments of sunlight are devastating, and the angel too much to diminish with my comments. So thank you. I cannot say enough about this present series and the great joy we have had watching it as it unfolded.

Katia Ohienko said...

The beauty you capture makes my heart sing! Thank you!