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Nathaniel said...

I know that I have been raving about Verena's winter series, but one was not ready for yet another leap into the extraordinary. Again the dichotomy between photography and painting is blurred and reemerges as something in its own category of profound beauty. Amazing! Where does one even begin to comment on something so fully declarative in its self-evident strength and gorgeousness? The palette of colors in what I assume is a winter bush, perhaps in a store window, somehow magically reverberating between yellow and sunset copper all weaving and dancing behind the bold blue and pale yellow circles. All this is foregrounding what appears to be a winter sunset industrial area. Do I see tram wires, traffic signals, and a tall chimney? And then literally on top of all that the most heart stopping cold blue winter sky. This image is just too wonderful!! Thanks Verena for this extreme pleasure as we sit warmly at home enjoying your freezing exploits.