Spyros Heniadis said...

Verena, this is an amazing image. The large expanses of white are so pure, and they pull you in to the broken/shattered looking glass? in the background. It is once again superb contrast, and in light of our conversation on twitter it is a very sad image. *hug*

Verena said...

dear Spyros
thank you for your dear words...

Spyros is referring to a conversation we had on Twitter. The artist comunity of my hometown has lost a dear artist-friend a year ago and we think about him today and miss him. He mainly lived with his partner and daughter in Paris. I don't want to mention his name because there's only a few things online of him and I won't change this circumstances.
It was gratifying to express my feelings with a Persephone going downwords, also the shape and color of the image remembers his art.

If you're interested in his work you might look

the link will open very slow

Nathaniel said...

Yes, I have little to add to what Spyros and Verena have said. It is again a powerful emotional statement. I am haunted by the quality of the whites in this photo. They seem to me to have a subtle mocha tinge, a color which evokes bones to me and certainly the background is ashes. Are those young sprigs of life emerging from the destruction? Wonderful photo.