noisy beauties

noisy beauties


Nathaniel said...

It is such a joy to follow Paris Bird around the clock of the seasons. Here we are again, as in a dream, amongst the blossoming trees of early spring. Is not noisy beauties one of the greatest titles ever?! Here we have a cascading foreground of falling angels ducking in and out of the delicate sunlight all backgrounded by a soft focus chiaroscuro of tree shadows dappling the intensely green lawn. The dissonant pink of the soft focus tree in the middle distance rubs so achingly with spring blue sky. And one last detail must be pointed to. It is the tiny branch descending from the top of the frame with its rhythm of subtle pink buds. Wow Paris Bird, this is all just wonderful... a gift for the gods.

Verena said...

thank you kindly nathaniel for your beautiful comment