those things that are in heaven

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Nathaniel said...

This world, so full of things. One might start with the cheerfully tragic pink wall giving back all the light that this shadowed world might offer. The strip of rough cement, a border to the candy green foreground so torn asunder with rough weeds and plastic bags. Then, suddenly, the grayed right border pinched with chords and pipes leading the eye up and then across the horizontal molding joined by spiraled wire. And now the scene is set and we greet the two characters. O, tragically expanding, the graceful rose arcing in delicate celebration. Dots of the deepest red set off the green against the pink. How hard this courageous ballerina spreads and and open in trusting grace. But then, the prison window! Dark damp mystery lurks behind the bars and a wire pipe or hose pours out of this cold intrigue into the awaiting grass. And last of all, the crowning touch, the heavy stone sublime so snugly hatting this window of intrigue and temptation.