written leaves



Nathaniel said...

The title of this photo could also be Splendid Heaven as splendid heaven indeed it is. It takes the eye quite sometime to roam and discover the full complexity and relations of this three layered apparition. The foreground screen rests sublimely on the surface of this carefully composed rectangle. The graffiti, which only begins to emerge after some minutes of contemplation, floats momentarily on the surface of the screen but then in the next moment one mistakes it for a background garden hose or twisted tree trunk, and then again what was way behind rises to the surface. Only after this eye- game comes to rest does one begins to comprehend the tree emerging from the vanishing perspective of a shadowed lawn. It is full of the orange berries of early autumn. And then the tragic sky, so definite in its loss of light declares itself through the shadowed foreground. What a complete world we have here! Verena, you have brought the element of time into photography, as time it takes for all this to unfold. Now is not that a splendid heavenl.

Verena said...

i thank you very much nathaniel!