Nathaniel said...

This three dimensional heart breaker could make you cry and it did! The dark and tragic dappled sky and dark out of focus bank of trees is so poignant and moving in the deepest reaches of the soul... a drama before an approaching storm, the very end of winter. One experiences this image physically in the stomach, it is so powerful and beautiful and so evocative of this particular moment in time. The grasses counter in the foreground with their confidence and optimism of a new season to come while the soft deliciously lighter brown earth sits firmly at the bottom of this exquisite composition pushing upward toward the heavens. And in the midst of this brooding mystery sits the mystical jewel-like blue water, glowing from within, the source of life and joy and hope for all that surrounds.

Verena said...

thank you nathaniel a thousand times for making the paris bird so special